About Us

Like ninja in the night, we stealthily break onto the scene. Like a hobo beatin' the trains, we crack open the bindle to let you marvel at our trinkets. Don't worry, these awesome bargains won't land you in The Big School, though you may end up in the Booby Hatch if you think it's best to pass on them. Great for Looloos and Googoos alike, there's a little something for everyone. Though we would love to kick back and chat awhile, one thing we are not is a bunch of Soapboxers. We will just hush up now and let you figure the rest out for yourselves...


We are really good at bringing you fun, unique items at an incredible value that won't empty your wallet. Good for fun-loving men, women, young and old alike. We won't talk your ear off, just go explore the fun and check back EVERY day, as a new deal goes live every night at 10pm Eastern!

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How can I contact you?

If you're a customer, you can submit a support ticket at support.jamminbutter.com. Otherwise, visit our contact page.