Xtraem Pro Series Studio Style HeadPhones

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Xtraem Pro Series Studio Style HeadPhones


Usually I am very skeptical of inexpensive headphones. As a musician I really care about how my music sounds. I don't like it muddled by extra noise. Just give me clear highs (I want to hear every beat of the hi-hat), nice mids and a low end I can feel in my gut. As well as being a musician I'm also the father of a teenager who is more interested in social status than anything else. As such, he has a pair of Beats by Dre'. I have to be honest, these Xtraem Pro Series headphones sound just as good, if not better than his and at this price, you just can't BEAT that.(see what I did there?)
-Tim S. jamminbutter employee

Extreme Sound

Ultra high-end drivers constructed from neodymium rare earth magnets reproduce music the way it was meant to be heard with deep bass, crisp highs and high definition sound.

Extreme Comfort

Adjustable custom fit conforms to the shape of your head. Deluxe soft ear pads keep the sound in and reduce unwanted noise. Soft, breathable headband stays comfortable and secure even when active.

Extreme Design

Tangle-proof flat cord features a deluxe in-line microphone with controls for your phone and music player. Lets you easily fast-forward, play, pause and rewind your music, adjust the volume, hang up and answer calls all without removing your headphones.

  • Super premium deluxe headphone
  • Massive sound
  • Padded ear cups and head band
  • Tangle proof flat cord
  • Extreme bass
  • Volume control & Microphone on cord
  • Color: Black with Red trim
  • Model Number: H2000
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